Four Reasons To Use Plastic Storage Containers For Your Next Move

1 November 2016
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When preparing for your next move to a new home, you'll probably consider buying cardboard boxes to pack your items. Another option is to purchase heavy-duty storage bins. Choosing this option offers a few extra advantages over cardboard options. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider heavy-duty plastic totes for your next move.

Environmental Impact

Cardboard boxes can create extra waste during the moving process. The boxes can be recycled, but that does require someone to transport the boxes to the recycling center, which uses up fuel. Heavy duty plastic storage bins can be reused over and over again, making them a good choice if you are concerned about your impact on the environment.

Less Mess

When you use cardboard boxes, you have to break them down after the move and take them to your recycling bin. Torn or ripped boxes can leave a mess on the floor of your new home, and you may end up with cardboard boxes all over your home that need to be cleaned up. Plastic totes can stack on top of each other or nest inside each other, making it easy to store them away after each bin is unpacked. They can simply be stored in a closet or in the basement to await the next time you need to fill them.

Easy Organization

Not everything you move will need to be unpacked. Plastic storage bins offer a durable and neat way to keep your items stored in your closet, basement or attic. They can resist moisture that can otherwise damage cardboard boxes, and they often come with lids that seal tightly to keep dirt and debris, as well as pests, away from your items. You can add labels to the side of each bin and stack them neatly in your storage area to make it easy to find your items when you need them. Because they come in a number of colors, these bins can be used to create a color-coded organization system for your move. You can continue to use the color coding to keep your storage bins organized in your home.

Convenient Sizes

Heavy-duty plastic storage totes come in a range of sizes to meet your needs. Shallow totes are ideal for storing clothing, and they can be tucked neatly underneath your bed to store your out-of-season apparel. Long totes can hold holiday decorations, tools, or outdoor equipment for storage in your basement. Medium-sized totes can be used for a wide range of items, from clothing to kitchen accessories. When planning your move, talk to your moving company about how many of each size you will need so you can purchase the right amount for all your items.

Before you purchase cardboard moving boxes, consider these reasons for investing in plastic storage bins. You may just find that they can help you get and stay organized before and after your move.