4 Things To Do To Get Ready For Your In-Home Estimate

4 November 2016
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The in-home estimate is an important part of selecting an appropriate moving company. It allows you to know how much your move will cost, what extra fees you should expect, and how the moving company will treat you and your belongings. To get the most out of your in-home estimate, there are a few things you can do ahead of time. 

Get Rid of Things You Will Not Be Moving 

It is important to let the estimator know exactly what you will be moving so they can give you an accurate estimate. This is easiest to do if you get rid of the items that you will not be moving. You can move these items into a spare bedroom or storage facility, or you can sell or donate them to get them out of the way. If you cannot get rid of your items ahead of time, make sure that they are clearly marked and that you have a plan to get rid of them before you move. 

Create a Rough Inventory List 

You do not need a complete inventory list during your estimate. However, you should have a rough inventory list. This should include every room and outdoor areas you plan to pack, as well as the large or valuable items in each of these rooms. Having an inventory list will help ensure you show everything to your estimator and that each estimate you receive covers the same belongings. 

Create a List of Questions You Want to Ask 

Every moving company works slightly differently. You will want to ask specific questions regarding their pick-up and drop-off policies and extra fees such as shuttling and elevator fees. Additionally, you should ask what your responsibilities will be, what kind of estimate you are receiving, and what will happen if you need to reschedule or cancel your move after you accept the estimate. Asking the same questions to every moving company gives you a better way to compare them. 

Make Sure You Are Available 

It is important that the person who is organizing your move is available for the estimate. If you are making the final decisions, do not schedule your in-home estimate for a time when your spouse or a roommate will have to take your place. You being there allows the moving company to ask you questions and provide you with the most realistic quote possible, as well as giving you an opportunity to ask questions. 

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