Tips To Help You Get Started With Your International Move

20 January 2017
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If you have accepted a new job overseas and will be moving your family to Europe, then you are likely feeling completely overwhelmed. While a multi-country move is a big undertaking, there are many things you can do to make the process a lot easier and less expensive. Here are some tips to get you started:

Tip: Calculate the Costs of Moving Your Belongings Overseas

If you have an unlimited moving budget, then it makes sense to have a moving company come out and pack all of your family's belongings into shipping containers and move them across the ocean for you. However, since you probably have a moving budget, your first call should be to an international moving company to get quotes for moving various amounts of personal belongings to your destination country. By obtaining quotes for different amounts of stuff, you can choose the items you want to move and those you want to sell or donate.

Tip: Sell or Store Your Vehicles Here in the States

Not only is your vehicle large, heavy, and expensive to move across the ocean, but even if you move it, you might not be able to drive it on the European roads. Your vehicle may not meet the legal requirements of your destination country, such as those for:

  • smog emissions standards
  • steering wheel location
  • installed safety devices

Unless you own a very expensive specialty car or a classic, you will likely want to sell your vehicle here in the States before you move. If you plan to return after a few years, then you might want to consider storing it.

Tip: Drastically Purge Your Family's Belongings

Since moving across the ocean is not gentle on your belongings nor your wallet, you should purge as many of your belongings as possible before moving. In many cases, it makes a lot of sense to sell your furniture, appliances, and book collections before moving. You can always purchase new or used items once you are settled into your new home and find out what you really need or want in your new space.

Tip: Take as Much Money as You Can for Your Move and Adjustment Period

Finally, just as nearly any issue you have here in the United States can be solved with enough money, the same is true for European locations as well. For this reason, you must save as much money as you can prior to your move and ensure that you take plenty of cash to pay for your first year's living expenses and any problems that may arise. The single thing that will make your life easier in your new European home is cash. This fact cannot be overstated. 

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