Moving Tips For Really Busy People

30 August 2023
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Do you consider yourself a really busy person? If so, the idea of moving may be overwhelming or even a bit scary for you. Having to pack, transport, and unpack everything is definitely time-consuming and hard to fit into an already-packed schedule. However, busy people manage to move all of the time, and you can do the same. Start by following these tips for success.

Start preparing as soon as you know you'll be moving

Resist the urge to put off moving-related tasks until your moving date is closer. As soon as you know you're going to move, make a list of short, moving-related tasks, and start checking them off your list a few at a time. A good goal is to do one task per day. Those tasks can be small things, such as calling a moving company, calling your utility companies, or buying packing tape at the store. You'll be surprised how much you can fit into your busy schedule when you just tackle little tasks one at a time.

Consider a full-service move

Many moving companies offer something called a full-service move. This means they do almost everything moving-related for you. They pack your things, transport them, and even unpack them. Some moving companies will even disassemble and reassemble your furniture. While some people find this to be overkill and are uncomfortable with movers packing their things, a full-service move does take a lot off your plate and might be your best choice when you're super busy.

Don't go overboard with the sorting and donating

You'll see a lot of people and companies recommending that prior to a move, you thoroughly go through your things and donate anything you don't need or use. This is good advice overall, but it's also an overwhelming proposition if you're really busy. If you can't take the time to sort through your things before packing, don't worry too much. You can always move everything and go through your items at a later date. 

Pack with your priorities in mind

When you and your things arrive at your new home, you may not have time to unpack everything all at once. So, try to pack your items based on priority. Pack the things you'll need immediately in one set of boxes. Pack items you won't need for a while in separate boxes. This way, you can unpack the essentials right away, and then unpack the non-essential things later on.

With these tips, even super-busy people can fit a move into their schedule. Contact a local moving company to learn more.